Inshotech does not charge for its content. This page outlines how we fund the ongoing costs associated with this website and how it matters to you.

Why is the content free?

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the cost pressures on growing companies. We want to assist people to be able to access high quality information while still on a budget.

We want smaller companies to be able to compete with the giants and to be able to use limited resources of time and money effectively. Everything on this website are items we wished we’d known about earlier, and so we share it with you.

Funding sources

Having outlined why we choose not to charge for content it is worth noting running a website can be expensive. Outside development and design there are hosting and security costs. As such, there are three primary methods through which we gain funding for the ongoing operation of this site:

Embedded advertising

You may see we have small ads placed around the website. We try to partner with advertising companies who serve low impact ads. If you click on one the ads we receive a small fee.

Should you encounter any concerns with the ads, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will look into correcting the issue. While we dislike ads, they are a necessary evil for us.

Affiliate products

Some of the services we link to in our reviews or posts result in us receiving a referral payment should you click the link and choose to purchase the product. We only recommend products we believe hold value for our customers and not all links have referral payments.

If you’d like to identify a link with a referral payment, it will typically have the format:

  • https://insho.tech/refer/

Some links may not be able to use that format for technical reasons, in those cases we will provide a disclosure on the page.

Affiliate services cost no extra, in fact, many affiliates offer special discounted prices. If the product is appropriate for you, we encourage you to take advantage of the discount.

Affiliate services do not share data with us. We have no record of details you share with them. We are merely advised a person referred from our site has made a purchase.

If you wish to become one of our affiliates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Specialist services

Finally, we may periodically link to, or offer services associated with our areas of expertise. These may include consulting services or products we’ve created to make our own life easier that we feel could assist others. Through the sale of these products, we can reinvest back into this website.

Does funding impact our recommendations?

No. We do not accept money for reviews or recommendations. While we do acknowledge that products suitable for our purposes may not be suitable for all customers, we value our reputation as impartial.

If you are concerned, or feel there is another product that we should consider or look into for our customers, please feel free to leave a comment or make a suggestion. We are always eager to find new opportunities for our customers or provide additional detail.

Why should you help us?

You’ll see one of first focus areas is customer experience. We like to write about it because we fundamentally believe that the people who use a product or service come first. While there are many who choose to exploit or mislead, we believe in being open and honest and providing a service for our customers that makes their lives easier.

If you find that helpful we’d appreciate the support in being able to assist others in future.

Best ways to help

The easiest ways to assist us if you like our service are:

  • Share our posts that you like with others.
  • Provide feedback on areas that you’d like to see more information on.
  • If you are considering purchasing something we recommend, please use our referral links.
  • When you use one of the products we’ve mentioned, provide feedback in the comments.
  • Use our services and let us assist you.

Thank you for the support.