Ever wondered what some of the digital technology terms you frequently see on this, or other, websites mean? This glossary outlines some of the most common terms and their meaning.

CDN (Content distribution network)A network of servers that mirrors your content around the world. This allows customers to receive faster responses.
Client side encryptionEncryption can happen at different locations, at rest at the destination, in transit or prior to sending with a detail only the client knows. Client side encryption is where the data is encrypted prior to submission using a detail only the client knows. This can reduce the risk of data exposure significantly as the data is secured from the beginning.
DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)A malicious attack whereby a third party floods a website with traffic that can cause it to slow or fail under the load. Traffic comes from numerous individual sources.
NAS (Network attached storage)A NAS is similar to a mini-server on the network that allows multiple devices to connect to a storage pool.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)Methods used to ensure your website ranks highly or frequently in search engines for the markets you target in order to boost website traffic.
WAF (Web Application Firewall)A system that analyses incoming traffic for potential threats and blocks identified risks. For example, traffic that is trying to target a known exploit may be blocked.