How to take a screenshot or screen recording on any iPhone

There are numerous times you might find it useful to either take a screenshot of your screen or record what’s going on. This article explains the process for all the current iPhones.

Once you have successfully taken a screenshot, you’ll see it shrink to the lower left side, allowing you to click on it and edit it prior to saving.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone X, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xr or iPhone 11

On the latest iPhones with Face ID customers don’t have a home button anymore. As a consequence, there is an alternative approach.

iPhone taking a screenshot animation
Pressing top volume button and button on right side

Press the side button (on the right side) and volume up button (left side) simultaneously.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone 8 (or earlier model)

Image showing the pressing of the power and home button

Click the side button (on the right side) and home button simultaneously.

How to take a screen recording on an iPhone

Many people are not even aware this function exists. In iOS 12 or later you can access it first by adding it to your control centre. Do this by following the following steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Control Centre
  3. Go to Customise Controls
  4. Scroll down to more controls if it hasn’t already been added (in our video we have it on to make the video).

In order to use the screen recording, you can start it from the control centre. To access the control centre, swipe down on the top right for newer iPhones or up from the bottom of the screen for iPhones with a home button.

When you start screen recording there’s a three-second countdown to allow you time to prepare. When it is recording you will see the time highlighted in red. You can either click the time or go back to the control centre to stop it.

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